Vision / Mission / Goals

In consonance with the philosophy of Advancing and Nurturing Tots in School, the school envisions to provide an environment that will nurture young minds, build character and prepare children for formal schooling.
More specifically, the school seeks to teach and train the children:
  1. to develop the ability to listen attentively in order to participate actively in class activities.
  2. to develop their cognitive, affective and psychomotor faculties through fun-filled activities that are level appropriate.
  3. to discover the God-given gifts of each child and develop them through individual instruction.
  4. to instill sufficient knowledge concerning all areas of learning that will aid in wise decision-making and practical life application.
  5. to develop in each child a genuine love, respect and appreciation of things God has created around him and to have a sense of stewardship over all things created.
  6. to train the child to love, respect and obey God, institutions and authorities whom He has appointed over him.
  7. to bring about a smooth transition from home to formal schooling.


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